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Please contact us prior to sending any API’s not on our API List. This will help expedite the development of new methods.


Compounds patient-specific medications.


Produces large quantities for hospitals and clinics.

- Effective January 1, 2024 -

CIAL will now require an approved Rush Request form or any sample requesting to be rushed.
Please contact our facility for any clarifications.

– Effective January 1, 2023 –

CIAL will routinely perform and report potency results of a single test preparation, unless otherwise directed by the USP. 
Additional replicate testing is available upon request and will be associated with additional charges for the added test preparation(s). Please contact our facility for any clarifications.


According to ISO 17025, Compounder’s International Analytical Lab (CIAL) is required to have a Statement of Conformity and a Decision Rule which corresponds to the Conformity Statement.  The Conformity Statement and Decision Rule CIAL has adopted has been combined.  Therefore, CIAL conforms to the USP chapter which regulates the expression of values obtained when reporting on a particular test requested by the customer.  The Decision Rule states that the USP limitations are the values which will be followed unless specifically requested otherwise by the customer.