RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing is a powerful method for studying the transcriptome qualitatively and quantitatively. It can identify the full catalog of transcripts, precisely define the structure of genes, and accurately measure gene expression levels. Celltechgen Lab provides a variety of fast, comprehensive RNA sequencing solutions including: mRNA, small RNA, long noncoding RNA, circRNA sequencing, and m6A RNA sequencing.


Our Comprehensive Services Features

  • The latest in next-gen sequencing technology
  • Experienced staff to assist you with experimental design
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Full bioinformatics analysis
  • Expert technical support to assist with data interpretation


In-Depth Data Analysis Includes:

  • Alignment, classification, & functional annotation of all mapped reads
  • Biostatistical analysis – expression analysis, multi-parameter data analysis, length distribution, transcript copy number comparisons, etc
  • Prediction of novel transcripts
  • GO and KEGG annotation and enrichment analysis
  • Statistics and annotation of SNPs/Indels
  • Alternative splicing analysis